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Father's Day 2021, 338. Sept 5, 2021

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Father's Day 2021 345 (2 mins)

There're days to fuss with knitting socks

And days to sleep or play

But the one that means the most to me Is known as Fathers Day.

To be a Father is a calling, Not all men can claim

Responding to the family's needs,

Providing love's his aim

And to that end, you've given me

The best I know you've had

I wish you the best this Father's Day

My one and only Dad.

A Short Memory

During the days before we had the shop, my Dad told Bible stories to my brother John and me when we were kids. Early in the morning on the weekend, we'd pile into his bed as soon as he woke. We'd start by laying on one arm, which was more comfortable for Dad with his asthma. His arm seemed so long, both of us fitted on it, and we still weren't at the fingertips. But, being brothers next to each other, we'd start poking each other in the ribs, then punching in the ribs, then the friendly war began. Dad, trying to keep some order, would use his other arm as a crane, and hoist one of us over to the other side and continue with the story.

I'm at that age now that I take notice of Dad's. I know many people who didn't have good Dad's, or rememer having a Dad at all. A good Dad is worth gold; look after him. If he has already passed, remember him.

Enjoy Fathers Day, thanking the Lord for all you have.

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