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Finding Myself Inside is a compelling narrative of the Australian prison system, the challenges inmates face in prison and re-entering society, and the life-changing impact of God’s love behind prison bars. It will speak to every reader in need of redemption, second chances, and a way through physical, emotional, or spiritual incarceration to true and everlasting freedom.


On his thirty-fifth birthday, Niven Neyland was riding high—a thriving business, beautiful fiancée, close-knit family, loving big brother. Until one wrong decision behind the wheel resulted in his brother’s death, loss of his business, shattered dreams, and a prison sentence for alcohol-related vehicular manslaughter. But finding himself inside prison walls turned out to be the greatest of blessings because in that dark place Niv encountered the light of God’s mercy and love.


In Finding Myself Inside, Niv shares his spiritual journey to prison and out the other side. Without God’s intervention on that fateful birthday, he has no doubt he’d still be living for himself, focused on material success, alienated from loved ones. Instead, finding true freedom within prison walls became the beginning of a ministry of God’s love and redemption to other inmates that continues to this day. 

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