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Niven (Niv) Neyland is a former member of Prison Fellowship State Council, Melbourne, Australia, the inaugural chair of Friends of Dismas church for prison ex-inmates, Secretary of Mens Support Mission, former prison inmate, and has facilitated courses in two maximum security prisons.

Niv has sailed competitively and was part of a delivery crew sailing the yacht, Doctor Who, across the notorious Bass Strait in 7 metres seas, from Hobart to Portland. It was returning from the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race via Adelaide, to do the Adelaide to Port Lincoln race, which it won. Niv has also surfed some of Australia's best surf breaks, but calls 'home' a small break, Spot, at Eastern View, Victoria. 

Niv says, “I has been visiting vineyards since 1976. They are fascinating to look at. The symmetry of a well kept vineyard simply must be seen to be appreciated. However, it was not until the 90’s that my brother in law, a vineyard owner, took a number of us down to the vines, and showed us the Way of the Vineyard.

This amazing biblical life lesson was right under our noses all the time, and yet we needed it pointed out. Aren’t so many things in life like that?

Jesus says he is the vine and his followers are the branches. Those who abide in him will produce much fruit. It is this ‘much fruit’  that the Lord is after, which is only produced by using vineyard principles.

Those principles relate to Job 24:18, “…he beholdeth not the way of the vineyards.”

It applies to the grafting, planting, training, pruning, disbudding, watering, feeding, and reaping of those who give their lives to God almighty through Jesus Christ his only begotten Son."

Niv shepherds a quasi-flock made up of ex-inmates and other wonderful people from various walks of life.

Niv has written several publications including the following: 


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