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Who Can Understand the Ways of God? 511. Jan 28, 2024


RELEVANCEWe've all experienced how the Lord works in mysterious ways. I wanted to share this odd occurrence that happened on Australia Day morning as I went for a walk. 

It was windy as I talked with someone through my mobile phone earplugs. Speaking is always tricky with the wind. The person in the wind can hear OK, but the listener on the other end has to listen to the voice as well as the rustling breeze noising through the speakers. 

It would be a lengthy call, so I rang early into the twenty-five-minute walk. About five minutes in, my shoelace untied, and I bent down to tie it up. As I did, I put the phone I was holding in my pocket. But I forgot to close the page, and it pocket-dialled another person. 

As I hadn't spoken to that person for several years, I quickly hung up before he answered. He rang back, and I hung him up a second time. 

When I finished my walk and initial phone call, I rang the guy back as a courtesy. This is where it gets interesting. He said he'd been meaning to call me for a while but needed to get my number. 

He wanted to apologise for something he did about twenty years ago. We had him at our place doing some work to help him, but in desperation, he said he stole $20 from my wallet, and it had been on his conscience for all those years. He didn't know how to broach the subject. 

Although I had no clue of the theft, I joked with him, "I thought it was $50!" 

He felt worse, replying, "Oh, it could have been $50."

I laughed and told him I was only messing with him. I thanked him for the apology, and we continued chatting. I asked him about his spiritual life, and it must have hit a nerve as, for some reason, he began opening up to me about a few things he'd like to fix up. Well, we talked for another fifteen minutes about those things, and we will keep in touch. 

Out of the 150-200 contacts in my phone, what are my chances of pocket-dialling that guy? Coincidence? Christians enjoy many coincidences. But I think of them as God's planning for people who love Him. And He planned this perfectly. You see, as we spoke about those deeper issues, he was working alone and could talk freely. His wife and kids were at home. God's timing is perfect, taking all things into account. I was also free to talk, sitting on my front porch resting after my walk, with plenty of time if needed.  

The guy led a colourful early life, so knocking off $20 from my wallet wasn't so surprising. He is now in Queensland and wanted my address to return the money. I said, "Let's cut a deal. We'll work as a team. Forget about returning it to me. Instead, put it in the offering box at your church." He was pleased with that, and I was pleased the Lord arranged the conversation. 


I will add that the guy was on my mind a few days earlier, but I didn't know why, nor did I feel obliged to contact him. Therefore, I just remembered about it when I got the phone call.  

How magnificent is our God? We can only stand in awe of His ability and loving nature to make things right.  


My Saviour, thank you for such an experience. Please bless my rekindled friend with his troubles. We've all had those. And prepare me for other calls should they come. 

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi

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