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What Can You Do With a Rib? 365. Feb 24, 2022.

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Last weekend, we took a brief holiday to Lorne Victoria with a few friends. The weather was perfect, and so was the company. However, a slight mishap in the surf reduced my exercise efforts to walking slowly or sitting under a caravan awning for a chat.

I haven't had a surf for about 3-4 years, since my kidney problem accelerated. You could say it's been a while.

I ride a kneeboard, which were quite popular years ago, but only the highly intelligent ride them now. I fell in love with them in the mid-70s and have a small collection in my shed. For Lorne, I used one I hadn't ridden before.

The surf was okay for Lorne (not the best of places for great surf, but fun). So I donned on the rashy and flippers and began to paddle out. I knew I didn't have the fitness to paddle directly through the danger zones, so I opted for a less turbulent area and was going to paddle around the break, entering it from the side.

The trouble was, my hand slipped off my board as I went through a wave, causing me to land awkwardly on the board. Even above the noise of the surf, I heard a rib crack and felt the immediate pain. Battling on, I hoped I could manage at least one ride before limping in. But in the end, I despondently paddled to shore.

Presently I'm wounded, but it got me thinking of what God was able to do with a rib. He made a complete woman out of Adam's rib. We might not think that's so remarkable considering He is God; however, what have we done with what God has given us?

God hasn't given us a rib like Adam's to work with, nor need to make a woman, but we have plenty of resources and a field ready for harvest. Matthew 9:7 says that there were fewer workers than needed even back in Jesus' times. (Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;)

Imagine that God gave you a rib as a tool? What could you do with it?

We've been given Bibles, mouths and brains; all brought together by the Holy Spirit as an awesome tool for the Lord. That is our rib! Let's get moving and use it for the Lord to do more for the Kingdom.

Today's prayer: Dear Lord, I realise I haven't done all I could with what I have been given—my rib! Please show me where I can do more, and help me use the tools you have given me more productively for your glory.

Photo by Anne Nygard


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