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What Can The Holy Spirit Do In Your Life? 294. Feb 28, 2021

German composer Felix Mendelssohn once visited a cathedral containing one of the most priceless organs in Europe. He listened to the organist, then asked permission to play. “I don't know you” was the reply from the organist. ‘And we don't allow any old strangers to play this organ.”

At last, the great musician persuaded the organist to let him play. As Mendelssohn played, the great cathedral was filled with such music as the organist had never heard before. With tears in his eyes, he laid his hand on Mendelssohn's shoulder. “Who are you?” he asked. “Mendelssohn,” came the reply.

The old organist was dumbfounded. “To think that and old fool like me nearly forbade Mendelssohn to play here!”

If we only knew what wonderful harmonies the Holy Spirit can draw out of our lives, we should not be content until He has complete possession and is working in us and through us to do His will.

What can the Holy Spirit do in our lives? Until we ask the Holy Spirit into our hearts, we cannot know the depth of love our precious Goldy Father has in store for us. He changes our nature. Our selfishness is changed to Love, our self-pity to Joy, our anxieties to Peace, our short fuse to Longsuffering, our harshness to Gentleness, our nastiness and bitterness is replaced by a Goodness we could never imagine, our presumption to Faith, our anger to Meekness, and our self-indulgences to Self Contol.

The Holy Spirit grows a love within us that overlooks wrongs done to us and expands our understanding to see things the way God sees them.

Once Mendelssohn played in that building, it was never the same. All music was judged by that standard forevermore. When we invite the Holy Spirit into our lives, we are never the same. The beauty and divine love experienced from then on by His presence are simply indescribable.

Today's prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for leaving your Holy Spirit with us on earth after Jesus rose from the dead. It bewildered me to think of the changes He has made after entering my life. Please help me continue to hand over all my life, so I can be directed by His Holy presence.

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