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Waiting For Suddenly. 319, May 13, 2021

A few months ago, a friend and I were talking about biblical things. He mentioned a word he'd been exploring. The term, Suddenly.

Two days ago, I was dropping off copies of my prison book, FINDING MYSELF INSIDE, when I got talking with some Christians I knew.

Suddenly, my friend's word came to me, and I began explaining a few suddenly's in the Bible and life.

I first spoke of how Solomon's temple came into being after the large stone blocks were chipped to size off-site. I mentioned that not a hammer was heard as they fitted so perfectly with each other. Then I explained how the members of the Body of Christ would fit the same way. Perfected off-site, then brought together for the work.

In the same context, I explained how new machinery suddenly appears in a factory ready for work. Yet, so much earlier time is taken to make each part and assemble the machinery according to the blueprint, ship it to site, and install it in place. After the commissioning, it 'suddenly' comes into being.

Behind the scenes in our tiny lives, much work is done. At times we understand so little of God's big picture, grasping His shaping of us as knowledgeably as a bolt does about the machine it's on.

After the long haul of life-changing experiences, we come into ministry suddenly.

As I was explaining this to my Christian friends, one of them, the songwriter and poet Paras Bovolos said, "Wow, I'm going to write a poem about that."

She texted me yesterday to say it's completed and up on her website.

The poem, Suddenly, which I not only like but think explains God's workings in our lives very well, can be found at (Scroll down to Suddenly)

Paras also gave me a CD of her beautiful Christian piano music. Heather and I love it. It puts us in a peaceful and rejoicing state and is quite beautiful, especially when travelling or reading.

Christ's disciples didn't realise they were in training for three and a half years, shaped by Christ's Words and actions. At Pentecost, they suddenly came into ministry. They didn't force themselves into ministry as some do, trying hard to be somebody special. They waited until God appointed them. As you wait for Suddenly, try and lift yourself above the day-to-day experiences to a place where you can see what God sees—what he might need out of you to fulfil His purpose, to come Suddenly into ministry.

Today's prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for the work you put into me. Like a bolt, rod or cutting blade on a machine, I don't know what role I will play in the finished product. What I do believe is your work will be perfect. Please help me with my imperfections.

Photo by Christina Anne Costello


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