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Victorian State Elections 2022. 416. Nov 27, 2022

KEY SCRIPTURE 2 Peter 1:10

Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall:"


Well, we returned from holidays just in time to vote.

Yesterday, the Victorian State elections came and went. The outcome may elate some, while it disappoints others. Those in power fifty years ago, which isn't a long time in politics, would be aghast to see that neither side leading up to the election mentioned anything about the pornification of our children with the Safe Schools Program and the murder of our pre-born children.

We know we live in a despotic age when these moral issues are of less concern than fixing potholes in our roads. Both parties swept aside morality because neither can define it. Despite being foundational to God, it is not to them, as they pander to the mass vote and their own political lusts and personal unrighteousness.

Thankfully, many other groups tried to uphold the righteous flag and got people thinking and voting accordingly.

We are not the only generation to endure amoral governments and their amoral opposition. Many times throughout history, other issues became more relevant than God's desires. But I believe we are in the end times, so it is more pertinent to our spiritual life than ever before.

Many worldly groups seem to focus on the year 2030. If you listen to the news, it has become a prominent date. For Christians, we keep one eye on that date, but our main objective is on Christ. Our primary focus is our faith, belief and trust in our Saviour and what He wants. His desires must be our desires. Our reliance is on our Lord.

As is evident, we cannot put our faith in political parties. Otherwise, we will join them in arguing about potholes instead of primary school pornography, taxation instead of abortion, and jobs instead of the gate-crashing of our religious institutions by the wicked.

Yes, we still have a moral battle in the halls of our parliaments, but our churches are also torn apart by the same arguments, where our future seesm to lie in Liberal or Labor. I wonder if we have two parties to keep us a divided people when God calls us to unity.

Whether our party won or lost, our job is to follow Him more ardently than we did yesterday, and greater again tomorrow.

PRAYER Dear Lord, you have seen many elections in your time, and I'm sorry for you and us that your Word and its benefits are never raised in the halls of a parliament that recites the Lord's Prayer before commencement. Please help us.

Note: The Lord's Prayer may be axed from our Victorian Parliament during this new term of government. (According to newspaper reports)

Photo by Cyrus Crossan


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