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Transcending Legislation: The Big View.Feb 3, 2024

KEY SCRIPTURE: There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.


All countries and peoples have legislation—laws. The concept of law initially came from God.  

I know a guy experiencing difficulty dealing with an Australian State department. He has pioneered a recycling process to divert troublesome landfill waste into reusable materials and equipment. In a minor way, I am helping him with OHS and other hurdles. 

If he can repurpose this type of unnecessary waste, it won't accumulate as it has for many years, the environment won't suffer as much, and we all benefit.

However, sub-departments within this sluggish bureau are at odds with each other over the interpretation of legislation. They have been that way for three years, keeping this guy's business with two factories full of products on hold, except for his costly rental payments, which aren't on hold.

Besides that, inspectors have pursued him to reduce the amounts of those products, some already processed, even if it means dumping them in landfill just to comply with legislation.  

Other than one or two operatives, the sub-departments cannot see the bigger picture. Our lone operator is a pioneer in recycling this completely avoidable landfill waste—one of the reasons the government entity exists in the first place. The legislation is at odds with the grand scheme. Instead of pursuing this guy, they should override their legislation in this case, provide support, and get him operating. It would be a bonus for the State.

I dealt with legislation for years, and I'm well aware it is not the Bible governments think it is. Some of it requires change. 

Condemnation from their man-made law prevents this guy from developing his environmentally pivotal business. He needs someone in power to see the bigger picture and offer grace in this instance to get the business moving. This grace and support is precisely what is lacking.

Looking at a different scenario of road laws versus a driver needing to speed due to a medical emergency, say, racing a heavily injured person to hospital, should he be booked? So long as his crime was only speeding, I would suggest no! From this example, we see that occasionally, transcending legislation is necessary. 

Watching from the sidelines is very frustrating, but it got me thinking of the parallel with Salvation as we know it. 

God used His Law to direct people's behaviour against sin and towards Him. But that legislation was insufficient for the bigger picture of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection, our Baptism of the Holy Spirit and our walk of faith. 

Like this guy's business, where the inspectors pursued him for 'breaches' of their law, God penalises us for breaches of His law should we rely upon it for Salvation. The Law immediately condemns us should we breach any section of it. 

When God gave the world Jesus Christ, Grace transcended legislation, in a sense immunising us against the penalties so we can develop our spiritual lives in peace and be led by the Holy Spirit in a new security. 

Our key scripture, Romans 8:1, states, There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Because humankind has never really worn the penalties in this life for breaching God's laws, we remain unaware of the severity from which we have escaped. Therefore, believers often don't appreciate the grace by which we are saved. 

I'm not sure if this story was an exact parallel. Still, there is enough information to get us thinking about the honour, freedom and responsibility of God's incredible mercy upon us.         


Dear Lord, I enjoy the freedom set before me. You have provided me with much mercy and peace to grow into the heir of promise to which you have called me. Please keep the bigger picture of grace over my life and help me fulfil your summoning.  

Photo by Ross Findon


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