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The Temple and our Hearts

1 Kings 6 tells the story of King Solomon when he lined the internals of the House of the Lord. Firstly, he lined the stone with beautiful cedar, fir for the floors, and Olive wood for the doors. Stone is cold, but also impervious to the elements, and therefore needed to be the external covering.

Our hearts are to be similar: not stone-cold inside, and yet impervious to sin and emotional espionage. In the lining of the stone walls with cedar, fir and olive, it shows us the soft and stately nature God requires for our own hearts. He wants us welcoming and warm on the inside, and also durable, as we process much spiritual and emotional traffic over the course of our spiritual life.

However, THEN, he lined it with Gold. Not only is gold representative of Godly Judgement, but it is long lasting — timeless, beautiful, and the best money can buy.

What is your heart like? Is it soft for others? Is it lined with the best you can give for your heavenly father. Could he say, “look at my servants here, how they treat their hearts? They don’t stop lining them with mercy and my judgements and statutes

God has given us this marvellously detailed passage of the building of the temple to be more than just a history lesson of days gone by, but a beacon of our future. The heart is the seat of the Spirit, and deserves the best.


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