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Talking With Young People. 491. Nov 11, 2023

KEY SCRIPTURE: Psalm 71:5 For thou art my hope, O Lord God: thou art my trust from my youth. RELEVANCE Last Saturday morning, I had a speaking engagement at a men's breakfast in Gippsland. According to the organiser, it drew the biggest crowd they'd had since commencing 18 months ago. Prison stories can do that. Before we started, as the cooks and Barista prepared breakfast, we all talked and laughed through the easy half-hour wait. In one of the groups, I was introduced to a teenager by his Pastor dad. It was the kid's 14th birthday. Although he had a biblical name, I'll call him Tim. (I guess 'Tim' can be short for the biblical Timothy, but that's not his name). His dad, who pastors a church further up in the country, thought there would be more teenagers, but Tim was the only one. He was good about it—better than I was at his age. As his Dad mixed, I spent time with Tim. He was intelligent, engaging and unashamed to be a PK—a Pastor's Kid. Tim played basketball, attended a great Christian school, and wanted to enter Computer Science. I shared my son's vocational travels through Computer Science, Data Science, and an MBA. "NBA?" Tim asked. "No, MBA. Master of Business Administration." Tim, for a second, thought my son worked for the National Basketball Association in America, of which he was a big fan. Tim and I chatted and laughed for a while; then, I had to get back to the others. I gave his dad $20 to give to Tim for his birthday. It was weird handing it to him myself while his Dad was there. Why am I sharing this? I love speaking with young people. They're our next-gen Christian leaders; blending generations of thought and ideas is essential. But, just as importantly, talking with them is fun.

PRAYER Dear Lord, thanks for the opportunity to meet Tim and his dad. Please continue to bless Tim, his dad and the family and lead him in right paths for your name's sake.

Photo by Sincerely Media

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