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September 29, 2019

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

- Psalm 118:24

How many days of the week do you rejoice that the Lord made that day?

We get so busy with life and the myriad of issues it brings, that it is easy to forget that each new day is a spiritual surprise. Every morning life changes and our free-hearted rejoicing can be part of our offering unto the Lord for those blessings. What are some of those daily changes? Exodus 16:21. The Israelites gathered their manna every morning, according to what they needed for that day. We are also called to gather our spiritual food in the morning, sufficient to get us successfully through the day. Ex 30:7. Aaron, the High Priest, was burning sweet incense unto the Lord - every morning - a lasting fragrance of sweet perfume unto their saviour. We also are called to exude the same scent from our hearts in gratification to our saviour. What a pleasure it is for our Lord to sense our joy just for producing another day.  Ex 36:3. When building the Tabernacle, the children of Israel brought free offerings - every morning. We are also building a Tabernacle, in our hearts, by the blueprint of God (1 Cor 3). We are to bring the free (freed-up) heart, free prayer, free rejoicing and thanksgiving for what the Lord is building because it is marvellous in our sight.  1 Chronicles 9:26-33. Following Israel's captivity, certain porters were appointed to oversee various holy activities in the chambers and treasuries of the house of God. Because the charge was upon them to open the house of God every morning, they lodged (slept and lived) roundabout that house of God. How passionately do we cherish the chambers and treasuries in the house God is building within us? Do we go to sleep thinking about it? Do we awake delighted, ready for the new day; prepared for what the Lord can show us deep in our spirits — our chambers and treasuries? Others had charge of the ministering (serving) vessels, to bring them in and out of the Temple as required. The Lord calls us to minister and have charge over our ministering vessels — those parts of us that minister to others in word and deed. Every morning we should have these washed ready for ministry for the day, just in case.  Some others were appointed to oversee the instruments of the sanctuary and the elements that adorn the sacrifices, such as the fine flour, the wine, oil, frankincense and spices. Our sanctuary is our heart, from which the praises emanate. These praises are meant to adorn our sacrifices in the same way, joyously willing and fragrant, every morning, ready for the day's activities.  Others were in charge of making the ointment of the spices. We are called to help people and apply the balm of Gilead (Christ's love, grace and humility) to poor souls who are sick, hurting or under heavy burdens. When our ointment is not useable, such as being made with harsh ingredients, but we still apply it, the balm will miss the mark and not heal as expected. Our words and actions may sit on top of the wound useless without penetrating, and may, in fact, be toxic to the wound we thought we were healing. Lamentations 3:22-23. The Lord renews His compassions every morning, and that should be enough in which to rejoice.  Why does the Lord use the term compassion? In the Hebrew, the sense given is of cherishing a foetus in a womb. Spiritually, we are in that womb developing. Our Father, the Living God, cherishes us. As with any good father, His mercies and compassions toward us are renewed each day. 

Today’s Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for the daily renewables. Thank you for just loving me as you do and renewing your compassion toward me each day. Thank you for caring so much about me, as if I were in a womb requiring protection, love and mercy, as I am still fragile and growing. Help me to rejoice more at the beginning of each day, and to sustain that throughout the day, as did the priesthood watching over your Temple. 


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