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Poem: The Saviour Came My Way

N.A.Neyland  Dec 2016

The saviour came my way, one eve

I knew not who was he

But sensed a love not felt before

As he stopped and looked at me

Our eyes met as he walked across

Though him, I could not see

But felt this love, this radiant love

And sheer empathy

He spoke of light — the light of the world

To his students, apparently

A subject of which, little I knew

Yet he spoke so authoritatively

I sensed him bend and rustle dirt

Then spit, was all I heard

And work that dirt into a mud

As his friendship I incurred

‘Twas the shock of his gentle touch

As I quickly closed my eyes

And felt the warmness of the mud

Then ‘wash them’ he advised

His students helped me to the pool

To bath off the healing clay

And for the first time since I was born

I could see, this very day

What joy, what joy as I opened them

The colours I could see

And then my saviour’s smiling face

Who had heard my lifelong plea

He later said, do you believe

The Son of God this day

I asked him then who that might be

the one who applied the clay

Could I reply with ought but yes

For the healing he did bring

Not only blindness was removed

But pain and suffering

He taught the kingdom comes in power

Not words and robes and taking

A realm of giving life to others

And healing hearts a ‘breaking


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