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Poem: My Mate! A man’s story about his wife


How does one ever fairly express, the true value of a mate?

What scales would one use to define the worth, all determined by weight

In days gone by, Solomon, the wise, found gold too much to price

Must we weigh true Love at all, should not what we are given, suffice?

I will pen her heart, as best I can, to give you a glimpse of my sight

For surely, I have been daily blessed, many years seems overnight

A Heart that changes with the wind, from sweet to angry to sweet:

Is not what my love is composed of, but steady on her feet.

Gentle and generous one could describe, and talented in her ways;

A godly manner, not seeking strife, is what I have observed in my days

A smile that’s always ready to beam, and a laugh that one can engage;

A storyteller, detail and all, enough to fill many a page.

Cheerful always, morning or night, a handmaiden blessed by God;

With the preparation of God’s Word, her feet are surely shod.

How fortunate my life; with her, to spend my waking time,

Help me cherish the wealth by my side, and see it as sublime.

You see, many in time have sold their mate; to wisdom, they were blind,

For truly a mate, and one so worthy, is what we all seek to find!


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