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October 13, 2019

For I have satiated the weary soul, and I have replenished every sorrowful soul. - Jeremiah 31:25

God is the only person who makes promises and can bring them to pass. 

This verse is part of the Lord's broader promise to Israel (Jer 30-31). In these chapters, He tells them He won't leave them comfortless, but rather give them a time of rejoicing after their ordeals. 

As we go through the trials of life, sometimes our souls get weary and become quite sorrowful. Just doing life impacts our walk. We get worn down, and things come upon us that both weary and sadden us.

In these times, the Lord says to us, lift up the hand that hang down and strengthen the feeble knees (Heb 12:12 & Isaiah 35:3).

Lifting up our hands is a sacrifice of praise unto the Lord. We might find it hard in those times to praise the Lord, but that is the secret of emerging from these dreaded instances. 

Interestingly, the Lord used a specific term for each of the above feelings. 

Weary soul: Strong's H5889 renders is as 'faint' and 'exhausted'. When weary we are in a desert place, drudging through, just getting by placing one foot in front of the other. That seems to be all we can do. We are exhausted inside and out. All we can do is hope the Lord comes along with an answer to our almost defeated spirit. He does.

The Lord responds to that which is missing most in our arid, defeated souls. He satiates them. He drenches and saturates us, and causes us to drink (at this stage, we need all the help to drink we can get). We have all had cold water on a hot day. Our bodies and minds respond immediately. Our spirit lifts as we go for another guzzle. It is the answer we need. 

Sorrowful soul: Here, the Lord uses a slightly different meaning. Sorrowful is different from Weary. When sorrowful, we are often in a state of grief or regret, or longing for what we have lost. We are in mourning.

To answer this state, the Lord says He will replenish (or replace with something of value).

When we come to Christ, our values change, and so do our families. What we have lost prior to that is  replaced with different values and people.

When we go through sorrow during our Christian walk, joy eventually relaces our mourning. We see more clearly through hope, and faith regenerates our spirit. The Lord understands our souls better than anyone else, and knows exactly what to deliver for our refreshing.

  Today’s Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for all the work you put in to getting me uplifted when I am down. Thank you for satiating my weary soul when i am drained. Also, thank you for replenishing it when when I am sorrowful, and replacing what I believe I have lost with things of other value. Help me to recognise your work in me when I am down, so my spirit may lift earlier.  

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