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O’ Solomon

O’ Solomon, where wentest thou?

At first, seeking my heart and wisdom; but next, gone into the abyss of the many.

O’ Solomon, where wentest thou?

Whose heart was right before thy Lord, leading thy people to righteousness; but next, being led by the nose toward hell.

What changed thy spirit, O’ Solomon? What changed thy desire, once perfect before me?

My son, thou hast ventured across the borders. Why didst thou follow Esau to the land of the wicked, for to get wives as ornaments for thy beauty and strategy?

Was not I enough to make thee grand? What was lacking in thee that thou needest sows?

When we walked together, we talked of the grand buildings. I created of thee the Bezaleel of the day, overseeing the construction of my precious temple, where I wouldest meet with my people.

What more couldest thou have needed? What more? Yet you wanted more!

Riches were not enough, though so many desired them.

Fame was not enough, though so many desired it.

Wisdom was not enough, though so many desired it.

Understanding was not enough, though so many desired it.

Who told thee that thou wast lacking?

For all thy wisdom and understanding, that thou didst cry for in the beginning, what thou failed to comprehend was that, as you were creating my precious building, I was also creating of thee a similar structure; one that would be recognised by all; one that the world wouldest desire to come unto and learn; one where people would be in awe of thy beauty. One that would remain in the hearts and memories of thy people.

And yet, thou hast razed thyself by seeking beauty from that which I did not command; and thy people remember thy taxes instead of thy beauty.

I take time to create. I design. I make. I understand the inner workings, and therefore fashion to suit. I created thee. Why wast thou so unsatisfied?

Didst not thy father, David, sware by me unto thy mother, Bathsheba, that thou alone wouldest sit on the throne of my special kingdom?

Were not others moved aside so that thou alone couldest reign? Didst not thy mother work hard to remind him of this promise? Wast not thou anointed in place of others?

It was my will to elevate thee to this special status of ruling my kingdom. It was not thy kingdom, but mine, thou caretaker.

Thou hadst prepared thine heart to love me. Thou asked only for humble things. I made thy footing sure. We worked together.

O’ Solomon. Why was I not enough?

Wouldest not one wife of my choosing have been sufficient?

Couldest not I alone have defended thy borders?

Wast not an alliance with me adequate for thee? Was not my temple alone sufficient for Israel?

O’ Solomon, where wentest thou?


O’ my people, Solomon went out, when he was called to stay in!

His own wisdom could not control his own desire to extend his spiritual borders, though he thought it would.

His own understanding was incapable of controlling him once he was out of bounds, though he thought it would.

My grace covers many things, but has boundaries. It did not extend to the spiritual alliances of Solomon, as they ever-increased. It did not, and it will not.

O’ my people, humankind’s wisdom is provided by me.  Humble thyself therefore and stay in.

For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.


Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.


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