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Women of Faith. 218, May 17, 2020

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Today I am commencing a series on women of faith.

Women of faith have been with us since Eve. Many women heroes are written of in the Bible, as God freely talks of their faith and answers to prayer and their spiritual boldness. 

That memorable movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, had a particularly catchy line remembered by us all, "The man is the head, but the woman is the neck." It was hilarious when first heard, but the influence of women in the home, community, Church and business cannot and should not be ignored. Thankfully for me, my father was one who believed that men had shackled women to the proverbial kitchen sink, possibly frightened of letting them loose to display their God-given talents for the many things of which they are capable.  I grew up learning that in my head, but it still took some years until I realised it in my heart.  In fact, his exact words were:

Women can control crops and industries.  They could not create greater chaos, nor distribute goods more unfairly than men have done.  They could only improve on man’s effort. Men, despising their God-appointed work of maintaining Godly Finance, Politics and Religion, have crowded women from their rightful scope of work and mental stimulation, making of women a selfish, jealous and frustrated people. Men should suffer the oversight of women in primary and secondary industries, and apply themselves to Law, Government, Religion and Teaching, while the young men should help women by doing work which requires brute strength and combining with the older men for Defence. This brings us to motives and aims of life.  The “virtuous wife” has two aims - (a) her husband eventually to be learned and notable; (b) to create a home of which the whole family is proud.  The virtuous or worthy husband has two aims - (a) to maintain a country and government of which he can be proud; (b) a worthy wife.   These aims for young men and women will alter the courses of marriages and are the source of just government and wonderful homes.  Such is God’s plan, but, wilfully ignoring God, men have sought out every lying excuse to do otherwise. In my Church, voluntary, and business worlds, I have worked with many great women who are clearly capable of carrying out their duties, and in some case have kept organisations afloat.   Think of the women in your daily life, and all their abilities large and small. I am sure you could fill a page.  Next post I will begin with Eve, the beautiful mother of all nations. See you then.


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