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December 18, 2019

Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord make coats of skins, and clothed them.

- Gen 3:21

How great is our God? 

We have here two people who, between them, just committed the greatest sin ever to affect humankind, and here is the Lord, after punishing them, helping them. 

This is a life lesson in intelligent grace and mercy. Let’s learn it. 

Adam and Eve sinned by disbelieving God Almighty so they could believe a talking serpent.

When put like that is seems so ridiculous, but subtlety and deception are Satan’s two best traits. 

God commenced the investigation by asking the question “Adam, where are you?” To which Adam replied, “I was naked so I hid.”

God then said, “Adam, who said you were naked?

They had the very swift court appearance amongst the trees, then out of the Garden they were put. 

Adam and Eve were given the warning not to eat, then they ate, then came the questioning, then, like all offenders found guilty, the punishment was delivered and the sentence started.

But what happened after that?

The Lord began to help them by covering up their nakedness first of all. He then helped them through the rest of their lives — all 930 years for Adam.

When scripture states God’s mercy is from everlasting to everlasting, it is true.

How many times do you think Adam and Eve apologised to God after the event?

What would our judgment be if we found ourselves judging the same crime? We would probably banish them first, just like God, but then we’d probably make them feel ashamed for a few months — just long enough to negatively affect them for life — then we'd accept their apology, but still remind them often of their sin. 

God wants swift but righteous judgment so we can all get on with life. Righteousness is filled with mercy, and mercy must radiate from us in our actions and words. 

I recall the collision that changed my life. God didn't leave me out on the end of some pirate ship’s plank, with me not knowing if he would push me in or bring me back on board. He dispensed his judgment then started to help me, and he hasn't stopped yet!

He does that with many people. I understand now how closely Adam and God would have worked after his expulsion. It would not have been as close as in the Garden, because he now has a naked mind, where before, it was pure and unadulterated. However, they were now working on Plan B, as if nothing had happened. Was God disappointed with Plan A and Adam & Eve’s sin? Absolutely! 

But he was able to move forward with mercy — with the only ingredient that would enable them to progress in faith and hope. 

How does that apply to us? 

We have many situations where we endure unfavourable behaviours from people. It is godly to exhibit humility and help them rise above the disappointment and sorrow they have caused us, and the self-condemnation they now feel, and enable them to get on with life. 

Today's prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for God's mercy with Adam and Eve. Thank you that you helped them on this side of the Garden. Please help me to be so wise and merciful. 


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