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August 18, 2019

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

- Philippians 4:19

In these days of carrying numerous plastic debit and credit cards, we find quite a paradigm shift to years ago when cash was our only source for spending. When we had a cash society, we would assess what we needed, then go to the bank and withdraw what we required. We would generally withdraw a little bit more for spending money, just to splash — to make us feel good. 

Now with plastic money, that 'feel good splash’ has grown exponentially. Today, we buy coffees on the way to work, buy stuff online, buy on a whim without thinking, and fill our homes and wardrobes, and stomachs, with much more than we need. This change is a feeding of our desires not our needs. The more we feed that desire the greater that desire becomes: it has a snowballing effect, and can subliminally consume us. 

By looking at this, we can see why the desert people of Israel found it so hard to change perspective when Moses asked them to follow him, and took them out to a desert place with limited water and basic food resources. Think about that today. How would you be if God called you to a place without coffee or tea, with no money at all in your pocket, particularly no debit or credit cards in your wallet, but just the absolute basics. How long would it take for you to yearn for money and spending of some kind? 

Paul, while doing the Lord’s work, found himself in such a place. However, instead of yearning for money, he was desirous for more of the Lord. Paul’s life also had this snowballing effect. He, too, fed his desires. But what were those desires? Paul desired God and spent all he had — his time — on Him. Therefore, his desire for God grew until it consumed him.  

Our walk beckons us to be consumed by a desire for God through Jesus Christ, to the same extent of power it had over Paul. We have been given desires, but those desires should match the needs the Lord says He can supply. Today is the day for change. 

Today’s Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for the way you have kept me. Thank you for the money I have had. Please help me as I grow, to make you more important than my necessary food and drink, to a place where you supply all my needs, and to a place where my desires match those needs. 

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