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The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever: forsake not th

Psalm 138:8

If we have the desire to allow the Lord to keep working on us, he will do that. However, only malleable clay can be recreated into the vessels the Potter chooses, and therefore, humility is the key.

Pride, on the other hand, keeps us in the same shape, disallowing the Potter the chance to reform us. We never mature as Christians. We might have knowledge in our head, but not the understanding in our heart, which only comes through change. So we talk from what we have read and not from our own experience. This is the big difference with the clay.

Here, we see David’s confidence in two things, and his plea:

1. We see David’s confidence in God’s desire and ability to bring about the changes within him that will complete his calling, “..The Lord WILL perfect that which concerneth me”. The Lord has those same desires for you and me.

2. David also has confidence in the Lord’s mercy whilst bringing about those changes.

If we could all change overnight into the beings God seeks, it would be much easier. However, this is not about miraculous change — as in blindness to sight. That can happen when we come to the Lord initially. Yet, the ongoing changes after that ONLY come through growth.

It is not about being instantaneous, but more about being continually malleable as we develop through life, with a strong desire for righteousness. The Potter’s wheel must keep turning (life goes on) and the water (the Holy Spirit) must be continually applied until the preferred shape is completed.

We often make mistakes and choose wrong responses to situations, but the Lord is merciful to us, and understands those mistakes are part of the growth, if our heart is pointed in the right direction.

3. We see David’s encouraging plea to the Lord to keep working on him. “forsake not the work of thine own hands”. But, we also see David’s acknowledgement that the Lord and not himself is the only Potter and re-creator of his soul.

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