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Shortest Chapter in the Bible. 479. Sept 7, 2023

Psalm 117 is the shortest chapter in the Bible. So, I will make this message equally as short.

How does one write so small a chapter? Most Bible chapters tell a story or part thereof, even if it's describing lineage or sacrifices. Not this one.

This Psalm reminds me more of a short verbal praise offering written down in a diary. The spiritual exuberance is expressed directly by the writer as if his hands were raised and his heart and mind ignited in glorious thanksgiving.

Think back to times when the Lord answered your prayers or someone else's, and the only utterances that poured out were those of praise for the wonders of the Almighty.

When we are impacted by the Lord, this is the result—the manifestation of our Saviour's love.

Try writing down how your heart feels after jubilation. Capture your emotions on paper and present them as a praise offering to your Lord.


Dear Lord, so often, my heart is overjoyed, as the one in this psalm. Please accept my thanksgivings and praises as I reflect on your magnificence. Thank you.

Photo by Mic Narra


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