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March 15, 2020

A false balance is abomination to the Lord: but a just weight is his delight.

- Proverbs 11:1

An earnest Christian does not use a false balance.

In today's language, we call false balance fraud.

It is deceit of the worst kind because it requires the buyer or receiver to do their due diligence to establish the truth. Due diligence is a good thing, but not when it comes to deep deceit, and particularly from Christians. The trustworthiness in the transfer of goods or words must come from the giver. What is the state of a heart from where truth cannot flow?

To enter that domain of abomination, all we do is knowingly apply a small turn of the screw of truth. We have then left the highway of honour to skulk down the dark and seedy alley's of unrighteousness and dishonour, and for what?

One of our most important strategies as Christians is to identify in the Bible what the Lord is please with and what He isn’t, and what He considers to be an abomination: then choose God's way, regardless of the cost to us.

Why does He consider a false balance to be an abomination?

Because He is the epitome of truth and justice. A false balance doesn't enter God's thoughts. If it did, would we expect Heaven at the end of our road, or would this walk be an entire charade? When He brought the prophecies of Jesus coming in the flesh, were they false? Did He make the Bible up to lead us to drown, like the Pied Piper? All of God's words and dealing are truth. Ours should be likewise.

I have a Christian friend who, many years ago, bought a used car from a dealer. After a while, it clearly wasn't the car it was made out to be. Still, having now bought it, he kept it for quite a while and got things rectified that couldn't be done on warranty. After a few years it was time to replace it, so he began getting the other things right for the roadworthy. He also had an acute sense of honesty and, for his conscious sake, ensured nothing was hidden from the buyer. Often happen when people including Christians sell cars. Upon the sale, he had a clear conscious that the car was not only roadworthy but a 'good' car. He left nothing deceitful that the buyer would find out later.

The question we all ask is this: Did it cost him extra?

Yes, he told me it cost him a great deal, but he also knew he was representing God in that deal. He knew, that, in the same way he was dealing with the buyer, so God would deal with him. Matthew 7:2 states, "and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." We see that God will make sure the same scales a shifty dealer uses on an unwary buyer will also be used on him. So there is no overall net benefit!

Sadly, the facts of some Christian dealings can be located under the title of false balance. As Matthew Henry says, they make light of such frauds. Using a false balance is an accursed manner of prospering. Omitting to inform the buyer of a problem you know are there, is a false balance. Turning a blind eye to the deficiencies of your products is a false balance. God is pleased with all followers who deal a straight hand. Sometimes we don't make the money we thought we would, but we have a greater reward in Heaven for doing what is right in God's eyes.

Today's prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for dealing with me with a straight hand. Thank you that I can take you at your Word. I have tried to use an even balance when dealing with people. Please help me to get better at this, knowing you are using the same method of weighing my words and dealing and will ensure I get ripped off the same way I am ripping off others.

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