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Liberal or Labor for Christians? 355. Dec 12, 2021

Romans 11

Elections are so important to Christian living and the blessings of Almighty God. Every few years, we go to the polls with the best intention of electing a group worthy to represent us for the next round. If we don't like them or they don't listen, we vote them out at the following election. "That's democracy", we cry.

But each year, our nation changes to something less Christian. We have to fight to retain any form of godliness nationally and in our states. Is that also democracy? Or are politicians saying one thing before the election but doing another in their time of power? Christians are shocked by laws that have changed Christian freedom in our beloved country over time. But we still say, "That's democracy!" It's not democracy. It is a carefully planned assault on Christianity.

What can we do about it? A transfer of rootstock occurs when we give our hearts to Jesus Christ. God transplants us from our natural life—the rootstock of a wild vine bound for Hell— to the rootstock of Jesus Christ bound for Heaven; a holy, sacred and righteous vine flowing with all the good things of God.

This transplant also puts us under the theocracy of God‚ a government by divine guidance. We obey the laws of the land, but our ultimate source of light and direction now is the Lord God himself through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

As subjects of a theocratic King, we are responsible for ensuring our vote is as close to that theocracy as possible, not our former democracy. It's important to see we are no longer Labor or Liberal, National or Greens, United Australia or independent, but Godly. Therefore our vote must align with our King's values. Tearing ourselves away from traditional voting is difficult, especially when the result is either Labor or Liberal anyhow. But at some point in our new Christian life, we must look closer at political party history and the policies for which they stand. Whoever we vote in will be far from perfect, but our job is to hold off ungodly change for as long as possible.

For instance, if my party is pro-abortion, but my theocratic God says abortion is murder, I need to do more research before my next vote. If the major parties cannot satisfy my King, I might need to find an independent candidate to redirect the primary vote and send a message to my party. Rarely do we think of it, but we answer to God for our voting actions.

Our theocratic King designed ten personal and societal principles by which nations should exist. When kept, they preserve the blessing of Almighty God upon those nations. They are also excellent political measurements, as nations that don't keep them lose God's blessings. If Australia doesn't keep them, it loses God's blessing as well. Parties that despise these principles or make laws that cause or coerce people to break them should not get our vote. Instead, we should challenge the parties that violate them by writing to them.

(1) Love, honour and worship the only true God;

(2) Do not take His Name in vain;

(3) Do not worship images supposedly of Him;

(4) Do not break His Holy Rest.

(5) Honour our parents;

(6) Do not kill people premeditatedly (murder);

(7) Do not desire to commit adultery;

(8) Do not thieve or deceive;

(9) Do not bear a false witness and testimony;

(10) Nor to covet anything of my neighbour’s—their wife or husband, goods, homes, or anything else.

I know it isn't easy to figure out some party policies on these critical issues, but as citizens of Heaven first, our obligation is to search the matters out.

How do we pray the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6:10, "Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." when we've let politicians bypass our constitution, which begins with "...humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God?"

Further, how do we present a case to God for help when we haven't tried our best to preserve what we have or properly understood our allegiance.

Our transplant to the root of Jesus Christ is the greatest thing that ever happened to us. Having the flow of new, cleaner, spiritual thoughts and purpose through the divine power of the Holy Spirit cannot aptly be described. But it also comes with a thirst for a higher grade of wisdom and knowledge, coupled with a strong desire to do right. We can and should make a Godly difference in our nation on behalf of our Lord.

Today's prayer: Dear Lord, I apologise for slipping back into my old democratic ways at election time. I get caught up in the political advertising and promises and forget to whom my allegiance is first. Please help me dismiss the hype and discern what you prefer in policies and laws, and vote that way.

Photo by Cyrus Crossan

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