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Humble yourselves

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.

James 4:10

Raising ourselves up to become someone great is the opposite of what the Lord requires. Humility, in the sense of this scripture, is tied to another character quality of Patience.

If we have these two qualities, we still may not be raised up to anything grandiose. However, most of us are simply ‘raised up’ to do small tasks for the Lord but do them well.  We become nobody’s for Christ, just going about our jobs quietly and with joy. In fact, the majority of churches have many of these ‘nobody’s’ in them. In fact, they run smoothly because of all the small jobs done well by the ‘nobody’s’ for Christ, lifting up the leader’s so they can then do their job without the pressure of the smaller tasks.

Humility and Pride: A Poem by Bob Gotti

Two emotions deep down inside, are those of humility and pride, They produce what men may see, in the life of both you and me. A haughty spirit can sure reside, in a heart that’s filled with pride. A humble spirit is in you and me, when you’re filled with humility.

You can lift yourself up with pride, but God’s Word is not denied, And God’s Word is clear and loud, God will humble all the proud. Men may believe that they are wise; but that is only in their eyes. For all of pride, my dear friend, by The Lord shall be condemned.

Men who are humble and meek, by proud men considered weak, By The Lord are never despised, but truly favored in God’s eyes. The Lord will exalt humble men; for this is in His Word my friend, They will be lifted up by The Lord, as by God they’re not ignored.

On the cross there was no pride, as Jesus Christ our Savior died. Christ had displayed for us humility, as The Savior of all humanity. The Eternal God, far from weak, was to all men humble and meek. God’s example is for all to behold, and His Word will not grow old.

Friend pride can be a hindrance, to the life Christ has given to us, Pride will never be used by God, but it shall be judged by His rod. Allow Christ’s humble spirit within, then you shall be used by Him, As only a meek and humble life, truly displays the power of Christ.


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