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A Royal Heritage. 488. Oct 15, 2023


I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.


When we think of royal heritage, we immediately go to the kings and queens of the earth and their predecessors and progeny. But what of royal spiritual heritage? How much value is in that?

My father and mother were devout Christians, raising our family in God. Dad died at 65, but Mum died many years later, two months short of her 92nd birthday. Both left us with a rich spiritual heritage.

At Mum's death, she had dementia, was blind and deaf, and couldn't walk. One of my four sisters became her 24/7 carer for the final seven years. Like many others with Dementia, Mum easily recognised us but asked those constant repetitive questions. Before Mum became bedridden, she wandered away occasionally, once getting lost in a local street she had known for nearly fifty years.

If we judged those people by what we saw at that stage of life, they wouldn't amount to much, which is why we honour their history. We must remember them from earlier, better times. I'm sure they'd like us to remember them from those days too.

Jesus told us that the riches that come with heritage can easily prevent us from entering the Kingdom of God, and we must take Him at His word.

A few days ago, in the dusty archives in my shed, I found a wonderful memory of Mum that I thought I would share. Your mum may have also written such things. I share this small piece of history and spiritual heritage to encourage you to leave a Godly legacy. People depend on it.

Mum's quote below was handwritten on A4 paper and buried in a pile of papers.

"This is my scripture, which I asked for of the Lord.

Psalm 71:1 I cried unto the Lord with my voice. Even unto my God, I cried with my voice, and he gave ear unto me.

These following thoughts came to me straight after the Lord gave me the scripture, which I felt was for the year 2000. It seems as though it is a rededication to the Lord for the year 2000.

I sought the Lord—and he heard me, and his praise proceeded from my heart and out of my mouth. He is my God, and I seek to glorify him with my whole being for all his wondrous works for me and to me.

From the time I was conceived in the womb when I entered this world, he was with me, shaping my life, moulding me to his pattern that I might glorify his name, showing forth his works and his hopes to others.

My answer to this is,

"Oh Lord, let me fulfil your hopes that I will not fail thee Oh Lord my God! But will try to return unto thee some of the love that you have bestowed upon me. Showing it to my brethren so that, Oh Lord, we might all rejoice together in thy love and thy mercy, Oh my God. These are my hopes and prayers for now and for all future times."

My father had a similar heart of godly desire, and the older I get, the more I rejoice in and value my heritage.

You may not have been raised with a royal spiritual heritage from your parents, but that won't stop you from creating one so that those who come after you may rejoice in what you have left for them.

PRAYER Dear Lord, thank you for showing us what genuine riches are and the value of spiritual heritage. And thank you for mine.

Photo by Markus Spiske


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